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Leading supplier of products for the treatment of water and wastewater in the industrial, food and beverage, and municipal sectors

Coagulants and flocculants specifically designed for the treatment of wastewater and biological sludges.


SciDev's range of advanced polymers enables cost and performance optimization by:

  • Increasing the rate and extent of gravitational settling in clarifiers

  • Increasing the solids concentration of the waste sludge stream

  • Achieving maximum sludge dewatering in filters and centrifuges

At Highland, we improve performance and lower chemical treatment costs for all dewatering applications


Recognizing the increasing pressure on councils’ and water authorities’ operating budgets, we have developed an approach that reduces chemical treatment costs of dewatering sewage sludge. Our approach requires no capital investment and does not compromise either centrate / filtrate quality or dry solids content of the sludge cake. This chemistry is applicable to both centrifuges and belt presses.

Expertise & Technical Support


We bring a significant depth of technical knowledge of the underlying chemistry and wastewater treatment processes. This has been gained through our extensive in-house R&D of monomers and unique proprietary polymerization technologies, as well as through our technical representatives’ extensive experience in the field solving water treatment problems.


We provide:

  • Expertise to determine the best chemistry for your specific application

  • Ongoing support in optimizing dosing and performance on-site, and

  • Operator training

Need a custom solution? See how we can develop a specific solution for your operation.

Our highly skilled staff thrive by working on challenging problems associated with water. Contact us now to see how we can provide a solution for your specific needs.


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