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Engineered products and services to recycle, reuse and minimize oilfield waters

Oil production worldwide generates about five barrels of wastewater for every barrel of oil produced.



Highland Fluid Technology targets drillers, producers, and service companies to provide robust, cost-effective technology to process and recycle the “workhorse” fluids used in the upstream oil and gas business – fluids such as drilling muds and completion fluids.

Our products provide superior friction reduction capabilities, even when using saltwater or high brine water.  We focus on increasing the utilization of recycled water in onshore oil & gas production helping companies meet their environmental regulations, limit the usage of freshwater, reduce costs, and improve their operational performance.

Growing scarcity of potable water and increased environmental regulation drive the reuse of oilfield water. Reuse makes sense and it saves money


Friction Reducers


Our range of friction reduction products provides superior friction reduction, even when using with saltwater or high brines. The new product line has been engineered to help reduce costs while providing superior results. These FR products are based on fast-hydrating, highly-active ATBS co-polymer and are available in dry and liquid blended slurries for additional functionality



  • Reduces friction by up to 80%

  • Smaller particle size hydrates rapidly even in low temperature

  • Dramatically reduces the need for freshwater

  • Tolerates high temperatures

  • Simple equipment set up, requiring a dry feed system

  • Eliminates hydration unit, and reduces trucking and driver time requirements by as much as 85%

  • Eliminates hazardous solvents when combined with our custom non-emulsification chemistry 



  • Proppant suspension with low-shear rheology through a blend of chemistries

  • Reduces friction by up to 80%

  • Smaller particle size hydrates rapidly even in high-salinity brines

  • Dramatically reduces the need for freshwater



  • Patent-pending, easily handled power friction reducer

  • Less dust and improved dispersion eliminates mixing problems

  • Rapid hydration, best-in-class performance



  • Safe, simple, robust, all-electric dry friction reducer feed unit

  • Remote-controlled designed to feed FR at up to 30 pounds/min

  • Ideally suited for xPAMMPFluid

  • Replaces membrane nitrogen and compression with a lightweight liquid

  • Eliminates complex PV=nRT calculations

  • Fluid weights down to 5 ppg or 0.6 specific gravity

  • Conventional mud drilling performance, but lightweight

  • Conventional mud checks define the fluid and fluid maintenance


Dynamic Shear with TrueMudTM Technology


Dynamic shear with TrueMudTM uses dynamic mixing to provide a high-performing mud that provides increased yield point and electrical stability, and prevents separation, even in long-dormant fluids.


What is TrueMud Technology?

  • A process that uses Controlled Cavitation

  • Closed boreholes around the rotor’s circumference create a “Pressure Differential within the Fluid”

  • Centrifugal Force causes bubbles to form and then to collapse

  • Collapsing bubbles generate shockwaves that Heat, Concentrate, and Intimately Mix – similar and/or dissimilar materials


Why is TrueMud Superior over Conventionally-mixed Muds?


Think surface area. Crushed ice chills water much faster than ice cubes because crushed ice puts more surface area in contact with the water. The same principle holds true with TrueMud mixing. The increased surface area yields better performance.

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