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To support our MaxiFlox® and DrySlik® chemistry SciDev offers patent pending technologies and engineering solutions

Our engineering solutions combine data driven technology with clever science, playing a key role in supporting our end users with the application of chemistry

As a supplier of bespoke solutions, SciDev specialises in developing customised chemical equipment solutions to allow our customers to implement identified improvements in their processes.  Our solutions include:

  • Supply of chemical batching, storage and dosage systems for use in solid liquid separation applications, allowing us to assist in undertaking routine inspections, identifying preventative maintenance steps and supplying spare parts. We build to our customers' needs and with customised hydration and injection equipment we offer an improved solution for the application of dry and concentrated chemistry in remote locations
  • Our OptiFlox® range of technologies allows our end users to continuously measure key parameters in industrial process streams ensuring optimal water recovery and process control
  • Our TrueMud® technology helps generate heat through cavitation and our cross flow filtration equipment is useful for removing salt from water where there is a lack of electricity

We work closely with end users, engineering consultants, service companies and OEMs from the design and study phase, through to final engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

See how we can develop a bespoke solution for your business

Our highly skilled staff thrive by working on challenging problems associated with water. Contact us now to see how we can provide a solution for your specific needs.

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